23 January 2009

Economic Stimulus

The world needs an economic stimulus which will eliminate most of the US$51 trillion dollar external debt of all countries of the world. The Global South should be relieved of all debt. Debt forgiveness has given every country fortunate to receive it (so far) the ability to spend the debt service payments on the social and cultural welfare of its people -- using the resources of each country on legitimate concerns.

17 January 2009

Have I, Know Sense?

I have been asked why I never post photographs or graphics and only links to digital video elsewhere on my blogs. I stopped my continuing education and experimentation in web design when it really began to take off in the late 1990s, so, my skills are limited -- even in a WYSIWYG environment like blogspot.com . Then, there is this matter of typographic style I've got. My point to blog is to wordsmith for others. It can be boring, but perhaps if it is boring, then my audience is not for the easily bored.

There is a certain level of overwhelmingness that attacks the nervous system with too many pictures. Or is this just a rationalization?

16 January 2009

Water -- (One Hundred) Eight Years Later

I was thinking about the "waterboarding" techniques deployed by U.S. military and intelligence personnel against suspected terrorists held and tortured at the U.S. naval base in Cuba. About 108 years ago, a different water torture, called the "water cure" was effected against suspected insurgents in the Philippines during the U.S.'s original imperial war. Reading the U.S. media, you'd think that unpopular U.S. imperial aggression started in the late 1960s in Vietnam. But instead, water torture (through medical metaphor) was inflicted upon oppositional Filipinos in the Philippines sixty years before the U.S. officially stepped foot in in Indochina.

Now, however, the torture is not clothed in medical terminology, water torture is no longer a cure. Now, it operates through sports/laundering terminology, waterboarding. Yet, whether we call "it" torture, it violates all conventions on torture and war and violates the inherent and basic dignity of the human.

14 January 2009

Life Inclusive

I decided my previous blog was too restrictive for the things I wanted to write about. I had been keeping the souring agent out of the mix -- to the detriment of the soup. I am unfurling my cape and letting the sampaloc out of the bag and into the soup. Enjoy.