12 April 2009

What Is Bainimarama Thinking?

As was reported a few days ago, Fiji's Court of Appeals ruled conclusively that Commodore Bainimarama's military coup was unconstitutional and invalidated his position as prime minister. Fiji's President Ratu Josefa Iloilo immediately re-appointed Commodore Bainimarama as interim prime minister and sacked the justices of the Court of Appeals. Commodore Bainimarama has expelled foreign journalists and has reimposed martial law.

Organic due and fair process in the determination of equities of parties when there is a dispute, in my humble and uneducated opinion, is the one of the only methods by which a ruler of men can justly rule. Sacking justices in this manner is never due or fair process in determining the equities of the parties. Instead, Bainimarama is taking a few tactics out of the playbook of the colonial powers. We have seen these moves acted out by other colonial puppets General Ne Win of Burma, Ferdinand Marcos, General Agusto Pinochet, General Suharto, etc.,. Sadly, Bainimarama's power complex can't be connected to any colonial power.

This does not bode well for the region.


  1. as we experienced in the 70's, some people will do anything to stay in power. i'm not really that well-read on world affairs but i know a bad idea when i see one. a big tsk tsk for them... :c

  2. yeah, i visited family in manila in june 86 when i was a kid and i can tell you that pictures and video of feb 86 still bring me to tears! it was such a big deal back then and now so many have forgotten. and its very troubling when it repeats elsewhere in the pacific

  3. its history repeating itself. yun nga lang, ibang lugar na hehehe (sors. not even funny)

  4. He sacked the justices of the CA? Whoah, I never thought that a state ruler can do that. That is definitely not a good sign for a country. Imagine the president/prime minister appointing/changing/removing magistrates from Judiciary anytime and everytime he/she wants to.

    And here in the Philippines I still think that the way justices are being appointed by the president to the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court should be changed. The justices that GMA has appointed in the Sandiganbayan, CA and SC have questionable/brow raising connection/links to the president and first family.

    Did I made sense? Hehehe =)

  5. @Herbs: Yeah. Politics and power complexes, like a fractal repeating out in every direction!

    @Mr. Scheez: I have spent time thinking alternatives to the appointment process. I think removing the judiciary itself from the judicial selection process and eliminating the commission on appointments and sending the nomination to the full senate would help this a little bit. but, i think there are some serious rule of law problems in general that need some working first!

  6. i thought people could have at least learned something from history, apparently the past is wasted.

    i thought that people could really change, become less selfish. it is sad.