02 May 2009

Flight of the American Manananggal

Time to send some bags of salt to the U.S. pig corporation in Mexico!

I received an e-mail article from truthout.org. It describes how the swine fever outbreak's "point zero" pig farm was an American industrial pig farm that moved to Mexico after the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement in the 1990s. The health rules in the U.S. were too strict to make the kind of profit the U.S. agricorporation wanted so it moved its pig husbandry to Mexico.

So, although the outbreak seems to have started in Mexico, it really came from the U.S. through a combination of frankenstein science and unrestrained destruction of trade barriers. It may be true from an economic point of view that trade barriers are bad to over all economic development. However, there are non-economic benefits that trade barriers create like slowly or stopping epidemics before they start. But usually when trade barriers are destroyed, economists don't calculate these non-economic benefits.

And now, the American manananggal has taken flight. To see if she has attacked your neighborhood, check out the Swine Fever Map (it takes a little while to load, first posted on Disappearednews.com).


  1. magriritwal na ako dito! hindi dapat magkaroon ng swine fluu!!!!!!

  2. naku naku naku.. hehe

    now i will have something to say when people ask me about trade barriers! :D

  3. @herbs: i thought u were an atheist?

    @cb: neoliberalism = manananggalism. hahahah.

  4. bakit parang na nose bleed ako dito LOL!

  5. on neoliberalism = manananggalism: it must be noted that the cursed batgirls prefer those heavy with child. :)

  6. @mac: sinigang is good for nosebleeds!

    @victor: which is why the population-gaining third world is prime target for the american manananggal (in general). lol.