16 June 2009

Movie Review: Not | Gay

Okay. Now that I've got your attention, "Not | Gay" is a collection of gay-themed short movies: "Cowboy Forever" being one of them. I didn't like Katydid -- the one about siblings. As a whole, the shorts deal with gay guys who end up emotionally attached to men who cannot be emotionally available for them. I liked "Cowboys Forever" because it was pure fantasy and seemingly a South American variation on Brokeback Mountain without the tragedy. "Float" was okay but the cast the wrong white guy for it so his pangit face was a little distracting. "The Best Man" was the most tragic. If you have an hour, they are worth watching (although I'd skip Katydid.)

Heard about it from the Malaysian Filem Gay site: Not | Gay.

Post Script: Gregg Araki's Nowhere is now available through the Malaysian Filem Gay site.

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