17 June 2009

Movie Review: Schoolboy Crush

I have no idea how this ended up on my list of movies to watch, but I'm glad I watched it. If you have seen another movie starring Kotani Yoshikazu, Boys Love, Schoolboy Crush has a much more realistic (and optimistic) ending. (After further research, apparently in Japanese, these were part of a two part series.)

Simply put, school teacher Kairu hires a teen hustler Sora after breaking up with his boyfriend. The next week, Sora shows up as a mid-term transfer student. Kairu puts Sora with another boy that has a crush on Kairu hoping the pairing would work to keep the focus off him.

That didn't work at all and the movie presents a dramatic and accurate blue print on the consequences of adults entering into romantic and sexual relationships adolescents and young adults -- even if the adolescent or young adult seems to arrogate a dominant position. Young adults don't have the experience or capacity to appreciate their emotions or their hormones.

The story is well written and the movie is well filmed. Schoolboy Crush is available at Malaysian Filem Gay site. Boys Love is also available there.


  1. haaay another must see... waaahhhh

    thanks for sharing!

  2. ive already seen this.... i so love that part when Sora asked Kairu to help him die... and Kairu just kissed him.... nyahahahahaha


  3. @commuter: indeed!

    @yj: i loved the part shortly thereafter when Kairu said "you do not kiss like someone who wants to die." that i was even more beautiful to me!

  4. oh wow. i wanna see this. i wish this movie was in existence when i was growing up.