30 June 2009

Movie Review: Trick

Few movies captured my attention more than did Trick as someone leaving my teenage years as an activist originally from the province. As I complained to my barkada that the movie just represented the false promises of American capitalism, homo-style, I went to see it with every single one of them -- perhaps seven or eight times total over the course of a two weeks.

The story goes: Gabriel is a socially-awkward aspiring gay Broadway musical writer who decides to deviate from the usual routine to get away from the tedium of his boring life. Being fresh meat at this club, he runs into a number of "club-characters" of the 1990s. The dirty old burnt out man, the "open" couple looking for a third, the AA-inspired reformed bad boy, and the stripper. He is overwhelmed and goes home only to find Mark, one of the club's sexy strip-dancers, also riding the subway home. Mark catches Gabriel staying and follows him off the subway. They agree to a quick "trick" at Gabriel's house which ends up getting foiled by friends, pets, roommates and Gabriel's own madness. The quest to trick unfolds into a night of much, much more.

This should have been rated PG-13 except it looks like the MPAA handed over rating responsibilities the day it was submitted to the MTRCB or the CBCP and got an R rating. Too bad because the adolescent that I was would have loved to watch some R action back then. Growing older, I am happy for this movie and movies like it, like Jay Altarejos and Lex Bonife's Kambyo. Just the kinds of unlikely encounters that can bring about resolution to an ethical dilemma without the heavy tragedy.


  1. I remember this movie vividly. How could I not? I've always thought both the leads were hot, especially the one who's not Neve Campbell's brother. Whatever happened to him by the way?

  2. @cb: yeah tori spelling and then Ms. Coco Peru who spoofs her throughout the film. This one is really worth seeing (and I believe its available at Filem Gay).

    @peter: apparently a lot. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Paul_Pitoc and for pics of him http://web.me.com/johnpaulpitoc/Site/gallery.html