21 June 2009

This is What Fraud Looks Like

I don't agree with all of the middle and upper class Americans dismissing and minimizing the significance of mass spontaneous mobilizations of people peacefully protesting for better governance. Perhaps they are not familiar with life beyond the arm chair, but regardless of the ideology of the dictator being protested or the protesters protesting, the matter is always significant in my mind. Please refer to previous posts like Angel & Demons or Ban This Blog.

If this is what it looked like around Iranian President Ahmadinejad on the day of Iranian election, any clever politician would have been planning months in advance to stuff the ballot boxes -- just like we do in the Philippines and Hawai'i. (Ahmadinejad comes out of the building at 0:54)

In other video news, Zimbabwe PM Morgan Tsvangirai couldn't keep a straight face as UK exiles boo-ed him off stage chanting "must go" as he told them to "come home."


(embedding was disabled) Other than his struggle not to smile and laugh as they boo-ed him, I really liked his "Let me say here... You'd better listen to me." I don't really understand Zimbabwe politics very well, so it's really not my place, but I can say that if I had just engaged in a "power sharing" agreement with the dictator for the last 29 years shortly after him being responsible for killing my wife, I wouldn't be telling my former supporters (who live under the rule of a democratically elected government) that they "had better listen to me." Know what I'm saying?

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  1. there's no such thing as dirty politics... only dirty politicians....

    nagkalat sa Pinas yan.... "(