13 July 2009

Movie Review: Bruno

The movie is a shocker. It was quite slow in a number of parts and I don't feel like Bruno connected the dots the way Borat did. The last ten minutes were perhaps the best part and its too bad that Sasha Baron Cohen wasn't able to convey the same affect of the last ten minutes during the whole movie. Its also too bad that we didn't get to see the Latoya Jackson interview to compare with Paula Abdul's interview since those that saw the pre-Michael Jackson death version said it humanized Paula more (?). Ultimately, Borat was brilliant because Cohen became the anti-semitic, homophobic "foreigner" that anti-semitic, homophobic Americans could relate to. However, its not clear who Bruno is supposed to be.

I wanted to take my nieces and nephews to see it but I'm glad that no one was home when I called since I too was surprised to have a one minute close-up of Sasha Baron Cohen's flaccid cock swinging and wagging before the camera.


  1. oh wow. i was a little excited to see this. haha was the flaccid cock even worth it? haha

  2. i think its worth seeing, but its not Borat.

  3. awww i loved borat. will see this soon. :D