07 July 2009

Movie Review: October Moon

When I saw this on the Malaysian blog Filem Gay, I had no idea this was a horror movie. Yes, now I realize it says "horror show" on the cover but I didn't physically have this in my hand so I didn't know. In fact, as we were watching it, my partner said, "Is this a horror movie?" I said I didn't think so since the plot summary didn't really point to that. However, I was immediately struck by the very bad acting. It was so bad, I was wondering if a cast of an ancient Greek drama had accidently possessed these mid-Western actors -- well everyone is guilty of bad acting except actress Brinke Stevens who seemed so out of place by her over-all excellent acting.

Now, that being said, nothing wrong with bad acting for a horror movie. I didn't really like the end of the movie. I thought all the way up until 3 minutes before the movie ended, it would resolve in a way I liked, but it didn't. Of course, not everyone that is called onto the quest will be successful that's why we have horror movies and tragedy. If you like horror movies or you are one of those guys that are fatally attracted to helping "curious" or "confused" guys, this is a movie worth watching.


  1. a bi-curious horror flick. now i've seen everything.

  2. nah... i'll pass.... im excite about this new movie that MGG feaured in his blog lately.... it's called BAYAW..... the trailer's really awesome....