15 August 2009

Movie Review: Clandestinos

I saw this film from the Malaysian Filem Gay website. I had no idea what I was going to watch and forgotten that it was in my Netflix queue. It was an interesting movie although I didn't realize it until about half-way through the movie. The only really good part of the film was the last five minutes and its perhaps because I was looking at it in a way that was not intended. There is some kind of intergenerational gay angle -- which is how I saw the ending -- but the movie over all is mroe or less framed through horny teenagers without adult supervision -- nothing really gay about that at all. The movie would have been better as a short or as two separate movies, one to treat the ETA/Basque angle and one to treat the horny MadrileƱo teenagers -- or perhaps just one movie on the ETA/Basque angle.

In any event, if you've got some time, I'd say watch it. If you don't, I'd say skip it.

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