17 August 2009

Movie Review: La Virgen de los Sicarios

It is unlikely that you have read or watched all of the various tragedies associated with Orestes, Agamemnon, and Elektra. Yet, La Virgen, shows very well, without leading the viewer to a conclusion about the role of revenge in our lives.

The movie takes place in 1990s Medellin, Columbia, home to the famous cocaine cartel. Fernando is a writer who returns to Medellin after a 30 year absense -- right after Pablo Escobar, the cartel ruler, was executed by the Columbian state. Fernando falls in love with Alexis (below) and brings to discover something beyond himself in his nihilistic world-view. Alexis is eventually killed and Fernando suffers grief and despair. He then comes to meet Wilmar (bottom). Yet, Wilmar complexifies Fernando's perception of the world -- already disturbed by his time with Alexis -- even further. And like Orestes and Agamemnon, the movie presents you with the proof of this life and allow you to determine the moral truth of the matter.

I was very much surprised by the depth of this movie and am happy I watched it. It is also available from the Malaysian Filem Gay website.


  1. omg... i am so loving these movies lol.....

  2. @parteeboi: surprising there were no trashy white female models or cocaine users. the cartel had enough sense not to hook the people in Medellin.

    @yj: that makes two of us!

  3. Sounds like an interesting film. I'm very fond of Latin American flicks. I find them brave and unconventional.