02 August 2009

Movie Review: Wild Zero

This is another one of those movies that I was like, what is this movie and how did it end up in my movie Queue. This is what the Netflix blurb on the DVD jacket said about the movie:

Japanese music video director Tetsuro Takeuchi applies his talents to this edgy, fast-paced and dizzying film about Ace (Masashi Endô), a young man who worships the popular Guitar Wolf (played by the real-life members of a group sporting the same name). After witnessing the band about to be double-crossed by a club owner, Ace helps them seek revenge. Impressed, Guitar Wolf's leader proclaims him a radical hero, a title Ace takes to the hilt.

I was like, what? How the hell did this end up in my Queue. Wikipedia, which I didn't look at until this morning, says its a cult hit in the Japanese zombie horror B-movie world. But I figured out that it must have slipped in long ago when I put a bunch of Japanese "gay" themed movies in my Queue when I noticed a Thai kathoey (binabae) playing a young Japanese woman.

The movie was strange. The special effects were anything but special, but it did have a thoughtful plot and the acting wasn't as bad as October Moon. I liked its message -- however convoluted it got to it -- "love knows no ethnicity, nationality or gender."

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