30 August 2009

Movie Review: Zerophilia

Okay. Now, I know this movie poster does not seem enticing. I know. I know. I was highly skeptical from the cover -- fire the graphic designer please. In any event, something about the synopsis lured me in and I watched it. (It is available at the Malaysian Filem Gay site.)

The movie revolves around a rare (magical) medical condition that affects less than 1000 people globally. They have an extra "Z" chromosome. These people are called zerophiliacs. After their first sexual experience, they change gender whenever aroused -- and completely change genders when they arrive at orgasm. Luke, the main character who is insecure about his masculinity and sexuality, discovers his zerophiliac condition after having sex with a strange woman under unusual, mysterious circumstances.


Luke meets a young woman named Michelle that he falls in love with. However, through experimenting and egging on by his friend, he masturbates and turns into a woman. Max, Michelle's brother, appears at Luke's house while Luke is a woman -- Luca. They are very attracted to one another. I won't give away the ending.


This is sort of a gay movie, sort of a transmovie, sort of some other kind of movie. The movie poster totally sucks but its worth watching. Its a fascinating gender fantasy that challenges the whole gay/straight, man/woman system of ordering people and desires.


  1. Hi, Line of flight! I'm actually green with envy that you get to see these movies. I do see these in torrents though, but I'm just too much of a sucker for copyright protection that I don't bother downloading them.

    Anyway, reading your reviews is the next best thing to watching these movies, I guess.

  2. I will be more careful and thorough then.

  3. I assume zerophiliacs are fictional.

  4. depends on what you mean by fictional.