19 September 2009

A Grandfather's Struggle with Coming Out

Imagine living a traditional life getting married to a person of the "opposite" sex, procreating and having kids, then deciding that honesty demanded you come out to your family.

There was a story on NPR about some oral history project the U.S. Library of Congress is doing. The NPR story featured a grandfather talking with his gay grandson about his own coming out to his family and life after marriage. The grandson part is a little lame -- not to belittle his experience, but it was. The NPR article online is also a little lame. I'd go directly to the audio portion and listen.

It would be very weird for me if either of my grandfathers (the live one or the dead one) were to be openly gay.


  1. hmmmm it depends as long as he is not crossdresing hehe

  2. why again would that be weird? hahahaha

  3. My grandfather (inay's uncle) is openly gay. He has two children. He passed away almost a decade ago.

  4. well, with all the things that are fast happening now, weird is the new normal..i think..hehehe

  5. agree with the geek. hmm.. what does this say about the gay gene? some people think that it's genetic, right?

  6. @mac: that would be even more strange

    @yj: lol.

    @scheez: was it strange?

    @geek: hmm...

    @cb: genetics is just the white man's code-word for ancestral worship. instead of saying the ancestors are causing something to happen, they use their secret code word "its must be in the genes". of course, on the other hand, they will soon find a gene for those predisposed to binge eating pandesal and it will turn out we are, in fact, related.

  7. well is till find it sweet though. deviance for me is the cherry on top of everything. the one that makes a society extraordinarily special. hehehe

  8. I still find it sweet. guess it is just like that way.
    But awesome...

  9. haha interesting take! i suppose underneath everything, we are all still cavemen trying to make sense of thunder.

    re:pandesal.. haha yup. it's in the genes too! haha