18 September 2009

Movie Reivew: No Regret

I admit that I saw this movie about a year ago before it was available in the Pacific and the United States. I was a big fan of Korean cinema before it became popular outside of Korea -- more than a decade ago. I loved this movie. Loved loved loved it. It was totally tragic in the Antigone/Agamemnon sense. The duty imposed by custom/tradition and the duty imposed by the heart.

The story is not very complex -- sweet and simple. Su-min, the main character, is an art student who loses his factory job. He decides to work as a prostitute in an upscale gay "host" bar. At first, he resists the overtures of Jae-min, a young wealthy gay guy, but they eventually fall deeply in love. This is fine until Jae-min's family pressures him to get married. Antigone, gay Korean style.

It is a nuanced and well filmed piece. I recommend putting this on the list of to see movies. It is also available at the Malaysian Filem Gay site.


  1. Hello, line of flight! Thanks for telling us your insights about this movie. I've been looking for it in video stores for the longest time and I can't find a copy. Touching on gay issues is rare in Korean cinema, so I really wanted to see how this particular issue will be developed in this movie.

  2. i think i can somehow relate to this... i so wanna see this movie too... i think there is a copy sold in Makati Cinema Square for 40.

  3. I saw this movie and I didn't like it...

  4. @Peter: its a nice evolution from Bungee Jumping which I wrote about a few weeks ago.

    @parteeboi: wow. 40 lang?

    @james: was it the violent part(s)?

  5. i have no regret ng makita ko to and i shared it talaga sa mga classmates ko...