17 September 2009

Movie Review: Dog Tags

The cinematography of this movie wasn't the greatest. I felt at times I was watching an afternoon special. However, despite the strangeness of American urban and rural life that I've been watching this week, the story was more universal. How do we mature into adults? I think the story says that we must make a conscious relationship to our puerile side or it will make its own relationship with the rest of our lives.
Nate Merritt enlists in the Marines in order to support his fiancée. But during a furlough in California, Nate meets an uninhibited gay man who leads him on a journey of self-discovery -- and gives him new insight into the father who abandoned him.
I wouldn't say this ended well or bad. It had a mixed ending, like life. I didn't seem to be able to find this anywhere so I may just be talking to the wind on this. If you've got the time, it is worth watching.

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  1. Nice review! Thanks I've been wanting to give it at least a first watch!