16 September 2009

Movie Review: Holding Trevor

I don't know if I didn't like this movie because of the bad acting, bad writing or if it reminded me of the short period in my life where I came into close proximity with American urban gay life.

In any event, these actors would have been much better in gay comedies like Eating Out or Another Gay Movie. The actors presented two dimension caricatures of American urban gay life that activists protest don't exist and gay mags promise do. The amount of material covered in the story was sparse and so, what would have been better as a short snap-shooting life in the gay ghetto, was strung out into a bad movie. (The main character's ex is a heroin addict so perhaps a connection.)

In researching this blog I discovered the movie was supposed to be a "dark comedy." I didn't get the joke. I do agree with the promise that when you change something in your life, everything else that supported the old way of living has to change or go. I didn't realize that was a point to this movie.

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