08 September 2009

Movie Review: The River

I didn't watch this movie very attentively and I didn't really know what to expect. Netflix said this:
A mother, father and son live together in a small apartment in Taipei but lead very separate lives. The son drifts through life without a job; the mother is an elevator operator who's having an affair; and the father pursues illicit pleasures in the city's gay saunas. When the son is stricken with agonizing neck pain, seemingly from taking an ill-advised dunk in the polluted Tansui River, the family is driven on a quest to alleviate his pain.
I don't expect you to watch this movie so I will ruin the ending for you. If this interests you at all, don't read any further. A mother has a pornography-copying pirate lover, the father visits gay bathhouses, and the son meets up with a young girl that he's attracted to who gets him a job as an extra playing a floating corpse in a polluted river.

The mother engages in incestuous overtures to the son. The son gets a neck-spasm/twitch that doesn't go away and the family goes on a quest to fix it: they visit the monk, the chinese doctor, etc.,. Somewhere in this process the son is horny and goes to a bathhouse and ends up having sex with his father in the dark (this is not like Lihim Ni Antonio, the father is not a young porn star named Uncle Jonbert, but an ugly old Chinese man). Subsequent to orgasm, the father discovers what has occurred, strikes the son and then doesn't again speak of the matter. The movie doesn't resolve.


  1. wtf?! that seems awful. haay.. some movies are better left unseen.

  2. oh i love how sick the plot is... but it's unresolved? the director got tired or the producer got broke.

  3. @cb: yes

    @partee: good question. there is more than ample blame to go around for how the movie didn't end!