26 October 2009

Movie Review: Antique

I have to admit that its been years since I've watched a gay Korean film in public. I can tell you. It was when I was in Honolulu at the 2001 Honolulu International Film Festival and it was Bungee Jumping of their Own. Since that tragic time when I was finishing graduate school, I have watched all such gay Korean films in the comfort and privacy of my own home. I had put this film on order to do just that. Then, it turned out, I was going to be in Honolulu during the Honolulu International Film Festival this year and Antique was going to be showing.

I wasn't sure if this person was a man or a woman when I saw trailers so I became more interested. The Korean version of Bb. Gandanghari became the most important aspect of this film and doesn't end in the tragic variety of the Korean "The King and the Clown" or most other films of this variety.

It would be a fascinating synchronicity then that a movie that layers three different periods in the two main character's lives like the recipe for a French dessert was preceded by reminders of layers of different periods in my life.

This movie is highly layered. It weaves humor, detective-thriller, psychological suspense and romantic comedy into a sweet movie totally worth watching. It is fortunately available for viewing at the Malaysian site and perhaps youtube as well. It was nice to be reminded of everything I had forgotten about life ten years ago and now like the movie -- a resolution of that pain is available and ready for new life. I hope you enjoy it as I did.


  1. ooooooooh i first read about it at the closet geek's blog....

    and i thought the title pertains to this Philippine province in the south... hahahahaha

    i will surely check this out....

    be safe LOF.... the coffee babies miss you... hugs

  2. @Yj: we were joking about that waiting in line. some old nana and tata would stand in line with the hundreds of others, then see all this man on man action.

  3. now i'm seriously curious. saw it in the geek's blog as well. haha

    i wanna see it. sana may filmfest din dito that would show gay korean films. haha medyo specific lang yung request ko. haha the korean embassy is in my building at work. i should drop by and suggest. *wink*

  4. you might get more guys contemplating the big leap if you had that happen. open gay + korean = real drama.

    i'm more intrigued by the idea of an embassy sharing a building with other domestic entities -- how does the doctrine of extraterritoriality work? what is the common element considered?