08 October 2009

Movie Review: The Country Teacher

If you've ever been to Disneyland's "Fantasy Land" or watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, perhaps you will not find this movie interesting. They could have snipped off about 20 minutes from the beginning and still been a feature length film. The movie, however, is about a early 30s school teacher who flees the urban Czech gay life (and gay community) for a rural village where he can pretend not to be gay.

That ends up not working when he falls for a seventeen year old. The movie had the opportunity to provide a resolution to the problem of those who concretize and sexualize their puer complex and end up engaging in intergenerational sexual with inappropriate partners -- yes, a loaded position. I think, like rural life in general, it doesn't quite go that far and disappoints in the end.

Otherwise, the movie is a snap shot of the strange world of rural Eastern European life -- yes, Europe too still has peasants. If you have never seen a cow give birth and are grossed out by nature in its most fecund, feel free to skip the movie. There are no Luka's Story type Czech porn starts in this movie so if you watch these kinds of independent movies, I'd also skip it.

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