04 October 2009

Movie Review: Mulligans

Just days after writing about an NPR story about a gay grandfather and gay grandson, I watched Mulligans. Even though the plot synopsis clearly states what it's about, I had the impression that it was the same kind of movie as Outing Riley.

Actually, the synopsis read:
When college pals Tyler Davidson and in-the-closet Chase arrive at the Davidson family lake house to spend the summer, clan patriarch Nathan Davidson soon finds himself irresistibly attracted to his son's handsome friend. When their feelings turn into an affair, Nathan must find a way to embrace his long-hidden sexual identity without losing the family he loves.
Well, that about sums it up well. The only thing I would have done was cast "Chase" as someone other than Charlie David. The over plucking of the eyebrows interfered with the "suspension of disbelief" about the fact that no one thought he was gay. He was very gay. The acting was excellent otherwise and so the great acting sort of compensated for the visual mis-cues.

Available here at the Malaysian Filem Gay website.

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