14 October 2009

Movie Review: My Fair Son

I had only heard really bad reviews of this movie but they were written by older Americans. A short summary:
Ray moves back in with his father, a construction businessman, after having been sent to spend most of his childhood with his grandfather. They seem to mend the wounds of Ray having been sent away including Ray's disclosure that he's gay.
I only have access to gay Chinese life through the movies I've seen and a brief friendship I had with a crush in college who was from Hongkong and the day he left kissing me.
Anyhow, there are strange scenes were Ray and his gay friends all get naked and play video games and then all fall asleep (naked) together in a semi-cuddled fashion. The father, as the stoic Chinese elder, just watches but keeps himself from saying anything. But then, Ray falls in love with one of his father's long time employees -- who apparently has a girlfriend somewhere. This becomes the father's moment of truth.
Ray's life felt very much like a reflection on the complexity of my adolescence although I am not Chinese.

The movie does have the classical "zoning" moments that all gay Chinese cinema I've watched in the last ten years have -- and I can see why that would irritate older white American gay men who are used to other genre's of Third World gay cinema. I still liked it and it affected me. (That is Ray with his father's long time employee in a tragic embrace on the movie poster, by the way.)

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