09 October 2009

Nagmahal ang Bishop ng mga lalaki?


Youth endangered by music with suggestive lyrics, Filipino bishop says

Songs like that, he said, including another hit “Nagmamahal Ako ng Bakla (I’m Loving Gay Men),” have a double meaning.

“They should be banned because of its sexually explicit lyrics,” said Bishop Iñiguez, who heads the Committee on Public Affairs of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines.

These songs and others like them “will affect their thinking and their concept of morality regarding those matters” and could encourage teenagers to engage in casual sex, he worried.


Sorry this is late, I've been busy over the last month and haven't had time to really work on this blog. J.A.N. posted a much better video of a condescended version of the song on the Rookie Blogger last month -- includes entire lyrics of song.

Now, I was thinking about what kinds of suggestive media might promote casual sex or immoral (from the Catholic dogmatic perspective) influences on impressionable youth:

Example One
(Practically nude ASF dancers)

Example Two
(Practically nude Jake Cuenca)

But perhaps Bishop Iñiguez really wants the love of the young men of Dagtang Lason:




  1. I'm gay but I don't like the song.

    BUT, I don't think it has any sexually explicit lyrics in it.

  2. @Mr. Scheez: well that makes two of us -- I'm gay and I don't like the song either. How else, however, would I be able to post a practically nude photo of Jake Cuenca in a blog? He hasn't been in any gay movies for me to review!

  3. i first heard the song on my way to work in one of those awful radio stations reserved for long commutes. it's a pretty bad song. one could easily take offense but i would hardly call it sexually explicit.

    sorry, i can't really think straight. stupid jake cuenca. haha