22 November 2009

Efren Peñaflorida is CNN Hero 2009

CNN names Efren Peñaflorida CNN Hero 2009 after earning 2.75 million votes in seven weeks. GMA will confer upon him the commander rank of the Order of Lakandula.


  1. after reading this last sunday afternoon (while i was working my ass off here in the office) i really got isnpired. i'm sooo proud of him. =)

  2. don't hate me but i voted for him several times without knowing what the hell he did. but when i did my research, i'm glad i voted. he really deserves that award.

  3. @scheez: talaga! ako rin.

    @citybuoy: well i only voted once but i remember watching something on CNN where they have really high tech anti-ballot box stuffing software but they don't let you know they're using it so people will spend their time trying to stuff the ballot box (and failing) and not trying to work around the anti-stuffing software... perhaps you only think you cheated? and he really did earn 2.75 million votes...