28 November 2009

Movie Review: 100 Days Before the Command

This movie should have been called 100 minutes before the end. This very long, non-narrative movie was shot and edited a few months before the end of the U.S.S.R. It follows three recruits in the Red Army and shows, in a non-narrative fashion, how totally gay it is to live and work in an army. That's about it. (It is not Eisenstein or like him.)

If watching young naked Russian men prancing around their barracks in various states of undress and washing each other naked in the showers is of some interest to you, then I'd say watch it. Otherwise, you'll be like an Atheist with an attention deficit watching Die Große Stille / Into Great Silence.


  1. The poster guy's pout makes him look like Putin. At least to me. :D

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  3. @VG: hahha.

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