30 November 2009

Movie Review: Eating Out 3

I always feel very conflicted about this series of movies. I feel like, at some points, they just want to show lots of muscular gym bunnies is various states of undress. Yet, they somehow are able to end each story with a pleasant moral. I always wonder whether seeing these movies when I was younger would have helped or hindered my psychological development.

In Eating Out (the original) movie had a famous and provocative scene where Marc (gay) sucks off Caleb (straight) while Gwen (Marc's friend) has phone sex with Caleb on the telephone. Eat Out 2: Sloppy Second continues this theme of straight woman helping a gay guy to seduce an ambivalent/ambiguous guy.

However, in its characteristic tradition of pandering to lurid and prurient interests, this time it is an ambiguous straight guy that uses the ménage à trois to get to two gay guys together. It was almost a total break, but not quite -- Tiffani has to coax her ex-boyfriend to do it and provide some visual support during the actual sex.

As an interesting side-note, Two Filipina-Americans play the role of Asian-immigrant nail care specialists only speaking some Sino-Tibetan or Austrasiatic language.

The third installment of this light romantic-comedy series is worth watching if you have extra time and a little critical reflection on some of the collective personalities in urban American gay culture or if you like watching movie with half and fully naked buff white guys.


  1. i think i saw the first movie really briefly. i didn't really understand it. i was just told that there would be hot guys involved. haha

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  3. Peter: they are worth seeing! It is a little corny, but always redeems itself with some little fairy tale ending... and its not a dues ex machina, it slowly digs itself out of the cheesy hole. more socially useful than porn.

  4. I saw the first movie and I got put off with the rather neat ending.

  5. this is too mainstream gay movie for my taste. but I'll watch it anyway just for the "viewing" pleasure.