24 November 2009

Movie Review: Quemar Las Naves

I have seen so many bad Spanish-language films this year that I almost dreaded having to watch another. Yet I was happily surprised. It could be a bias though. For several years, I lived in a world where English and Spanish were both spoken equally and regularly and I almost studied in Mexico for a year.

The plot: a brother, Sebastian, and sister, Helena, reunite and become close (maybe too close) care for their mother until she dies. In the meantime, Sebastian (above left) falls in love with new student Juan and that upsets his popular and rich friend, Ishmael (below left), who then plots to interrupt the developing love. The movie goes on through dark thickets of the human psyche.

In the picture above, Helena confronts Sebastian with drawings he has made of Juan asking him if he's a fag. "Are you a fag, Sebastian? Are you?" I don't want to give too much of the story away -- go and watch -- but this would be perfectly remade Philippine film -- anybody have Piolo's number -- or dubbed into Tagalog. Life after death.


  1. i already watched this....

    something that i will remember for a long time....

  2. oh yes. the person I most identified with was Ismael. tortured and stumbling into more torture...