06 December 2009

Movie Review: XXY

I was skeptical going into this movie that it would be good. I recently watched a Spanish movie (I think it was filmed in Madrid or Barcelona) and it totally sucked which is why I can't remember its name and won't look it up for you.

This movie is about an intersexed adolescent and how totally fucked up society is when it comes to people who do not fit into statistically significant boxes (like "man" or "woman"). A decade ago, my best friend worked in a video porn shop and the category of videos that outsold and out-rented every other category of videos were transgender pornography like "chicks with dicks", etc.,. I have always suspected that the psychological impetus for this kind of interested is deeply connected with the kind of historical and transcultural exaltation of hermaphrodites as a spiritual conjunction of male and female. Although, in the context of street-grade porn, nothing consciously spiritual occurs at all, just getting off.

This is a fascinating and tragic piece about life outside the most basic boxes of any society -- gender. The movie flows well, the cinematography is smart, and the subject matter is quite interesting. An interesting rumination on life and gender.

As a side note, the movie reminded me of when I was much younger. I used to tease this old bakla who lived in a neighboring province about his insistence on using "lgbt" (when most l's avoided g's and the standard lumping was 'g&l', although it has now become the mainstream acronym). When I would write him back, I would always write back to him "lgbtxyz" and shortly before his death he wrote me and told me "you were right, there is another one now 'lgbti'".

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