31 January 2010

Miss Gay of the Universe 2010

The Opening Video from this year's Miss Gay of the Universe:

held 2 January 2010, San Nicolas, I.N.

28 January 2010

Movie: Star Appeal

I have seen a number of Cui Zi En's movies: Men and Women, The Old Testament, Welcome Destination Shanghai, Feeding Boys Ayaya and the interesting My Fair Son. I liked My Fair Son, it was interesting. Well, this movie can go into that category. The main character is a bisexual young man who finds a naked young man on the side of a mountain road -- who claims to be from outer space. Now, the movie has its unconventional twists and turns and the E.T. guy is naked throughout most of the movie.

There is a love making scene and I have to tell you, Cui Zi En cast the right people and gave the right direction because this has got to be one the most emotionally intense love making scenes I've ever seen that didn't look censored/cliched or overly pornographic. The suspension of disbelief was effected and you are brought into the intensive passion that two guys can have for each other and how beautiful that can be.

If you've seen K-PAX, it has a quality to it. Although in K-PAX, Kevin Spacey and Jeff Bridges took turns being the main character, Star Appeal, the main character is the bisexual male earthling and not the naked spaceman.