22 February 2010


If you were my son, I would be extremely proud of you.

If you were my nobyo, I would be very lucky.

If you were my uncle, I would look up to.

And if you were my Congressman, I would beg you for pork barrel.

You are a special individual, Herbs, and you have a destiny.
I am happy that our paths have crossed.
Don't forget us and always use condoms!


  1. yung last line talaga ang dapat paulit ulit na pinapaalala kay BebiGurl...

    ALWAYS USE CONDOM HERBS! hihihihihihihi

  2. how sweet! haha gusto ko yung last warning. very good! :D

  3. wow. yes. the condoms hahah. awwww. thanks sweetie. *hindi ako iiyak*

    HUGS. i can not thank you enough <3
    for what you did, the conspiracy, the love. *HUGS*

  4. by the way, where did you get the artworks LOF?

    they're really very pretty....

    i don't think i've seen anything like these before....

  5. aboriginal art... in honor of Herbs' big move...

  6. I saw related posts on other blogs, and found the whole thing really, really sweet.

    And I laughed when I read the condom bit too. :)

  7. About the condoms, I think he has all the protection he needs. Unless he used up all you gave him last time. In which case, you might need to send him a fresh box. LOL.

  8. @victor: if my recollection serves me correctly, herbs did not want a magical box of safer sex, and only got a huge can of instant mocha-cappuccino.