24 February 2010

Movie Review: Forgive and Forget

Yes, the main character closeted gay guy is very handsome. But he's also a good actor and does a great job conveying the complicated life of being a working class homo in a post industrial society. Without spoiling the ending for you -- although better not to read on if you are prone to intuitive self-spoiling --- it's ending was refreshing and unexpected. In fact, I suspect the ending made the movie even that much better. The story is short and to the point: David has hid his sexual orientation very well from friends and family but it all starts to come undone when his best friend (and secret crush) moves in with her long term steady. It had just the right amount of tragedy and reality. One other lesson, it may not be necessary to come out to the world, and your best friend/secret crush on national talk shore television.

There really isn't much to say. Just watch it.


  1. he looks hot. where do u find these movies? LOL

  2. yeah. he was hot. scouring the internet is how i find them... its like fishing. i'm a fisher of gay themed movies. lol