25 February 2010

Movie Review: The Hanging Garden

This is one of those movies that I'm just not sure how it ended up on my list of movies-to-be-watched. This movie is a Canadian version of returning to your childhood and thinking about how things might have been.

The main character Sweet William returns home to his sister's wedding after ten years of being away -- running away as an unhappy gay teen who was morbidly obese. Now he is a fit young upstart and he comes home to face the demons and even wanders in fantasies over alternative realities to what life might have been about had he made different choices at the ripe age of 15.

I resonated the most with an evening encounter with his high school crush. When he was 15 they started to fool around only to be caught by his grandmother. After that the crush never spoke to him again. Now, at a svelte and successful 25 years old, his crush trapped in a dead-end marriage with child, wants to make love. That scene really is an expression of the truth of duration!

Anyways, this is one to watch if you have the time.

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