11 February 2010

Movie Review: I Think I Do

What a fun little movie! For some reason, when I was a teenager and this movie came out, I simply just ignored it -- along with Six Degrees of Separation. And what a mistake I made. It really has most of the elements of an American 1930s styled screwball comedy. And yet, I don't know if fifteen years ago, I would have appreciated the underlying conflict of the story:

A guy goes to his college friend's wedding (his entire college barkada also attend) and he brings his fiance who is a minor TV actor. As it turns out, he had a major crush on his college roommate (part of his barkada) and they seemed -- in the flashbacks -- to have some kind of chemical reaction going on although his roommate rejected the matter every time it threatened to become open or conscious.

So there they are, in the process of watching another pair of the college barkada getting married. One of the highlights of the movie for me, in terms of comic style, was when the roommate was assigned to give read during the liturgy of the word portions of the wedding mass from the Book of John, and inserts some meaningful to the barkada romantic passage from a novel. The roommate then ends his reading from this novel with "The Gospel of the Lord" and the entire congregation, including the priest respond, "Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ" -- while everyone was half looking at each other to see whether what they were doing was okay.

In any event, its a lighthearted screwball comedy that would be perfect a date-at-home kind of night. Two thumbs up.

Oh and did I mention that gay Cuban actor, Guillermo Diaz plays a very playful, sexually active straight guy in the movie? Very funny.