26 February 2010

Sexploitation Case Update

Anthony Stancl, then 17, used facebook and posed as a girl to get classmates, ages 15 to 17, to handover nude photos of themselves. He then used the photos and the threat of publicizing them to get them to have sex with him. Stancl was sentenced to 15 years in prison primarily for being a gay man. Feel free to read the original blog here.

Los Angeles Times included a video in their article. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's article has a more comprehensive article of the court proceeding and background information.


  1. oh i remember this. i was a little unsettled when i first heard about it.

    i'm not sure i follow you when you said he was sent to prison for being gay. i think they had all the right reasons to put him behind bars.

    but then again, you really did ur research on the case (plus you know law stuff lol) so i could be wrong.

  2. well, let's put it this way. if he had been a straight girl who had blackmailed the popular boys to have sex with him, would she have gone to jail for 15 years with an additional 13 years of "supervised release"? would she have been prosecuted? this is where blind justice apparently does a little bit of peaking...