07 February 2010

Vote for Mr. Gay World Philippines

This is an echo of Lex's blog:

Mr. Gay World Philippines David Bosley is now pumped up and ready to conquer Oslo.

VOTE ONLINE NOW for him to be the WORLDWIDE MR GAY 2010. Click here , check out the left column and click Philippines.

You can vote once per day, so please vote as often as you can. Spread the word.


  1. I sure will, line of flight! How can I not? Just look at that face! He's so beautiful!

  2. yaiy... he's so... uhmmmm PINOY hahahahaha ampogi... giggles

  3. i already voted... although, Brazil is hotter. :)

  4. I like him as well. Him and Mr. Ireland. :D

    And yeah, I will vote. Again and again. :D

  5. ewan ko ha... pero medyo matanda na siya at medyo mataba... ahehehehe go philippines