09 March 2010

The Gay World To Come

This may likely raise an objection or two from someone, but be that as it may, I would like to direct your attention to an article in the latest Economist, 4 Mar 10, "The worldwide war on baby girls." If you decide not to read it, let me summarize. To no one's big surprise, many of the usual women hating countries of the world are having sustained gender ratio imbalances (nature sets the ratio at about 105 men to 100 women). China's One Child Policy has already developed teens-20s-30s imbalance where large swaths of men now have no possibility of marrying or even being intimate with a woman that isn't a high-rate charging prostitute.

Yes, you can see now where I'm going with this, right? (If not, look at the title of this blog)

What are your thoughts?


  1. thank u for summarizing it. ang dami kong backlog sa blog posts eh. hehe

    as for china's one child policy, everyone knows it was bad to begin with. i guess for some people to see mistakes, they need to observe its long term effects. while the gender imbalance technically works in our favor hehe i'm afraid that we in the world have a big problem in our hands.

  2. yes. if China doesn't start promoting same-sex marriage, they might have a revolution on their hands. sexually frustrated 20something year old guys make the best foot soldiers in citizen revolts. hahaha!

  3. the visual is both scary and exciting! haha

  4. Something tells me that there isn't enough tea in China to convince 100 million Chinese men (and their parents) that marrying another man is an antidote to a generalized epidemic of sexual frustration. My guess is that there will not be a shortage of women in the upper and middle strata. Gay men in those classes will feel the same social pressure to marry that they do now. In the places where the shortage of women is acute, gay men might remain "single" with less pressure or at least less public suspicion.

  5. i see limitless potential for social engineering here. and i've been following the tongzhi movement for many years so i wouldn't be surprised if the party does something along these lines -- I guess we'll have to wait for the enantiodromia to see where it really know where the one-sidedness is.