31 March 2010

Movie: Pedro

Now, I vaguely remember watching the Real World San Francisco. See, there have been so many reality shows that were generated because of it in the past 18 years that it all gets a little fuzzy. I remember Pedro, subject of this movie, and I remember Puck, who was a highly narcissistic attention-seeker who got booted from the Real World house.

So the movie tells the end of the life story of Real World San Francisco participant and gay Cuban-American HIV/AIDS activist, Pedro Zamora. I remember Pedro being the "gay" guy in the Real World house and that he was really into HIV/AIDS activist and that I got to see an occasional hand held or something like that on MTV, but I didn't really know his entire story. Now, I do.

It's an interesting movie and, if you watched the Real World San Francisco, I'd say watch this. But, if you haven't, it may not keep your attention. I cleaned my room while watching it.

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