28 February 2010

Movie Review: In the Blood

Columbian-American actor Carlos Alberto Valencia

Although Carlos Alberto Valencia played a "supporting" role, I thought I'd post a current picture of this up and coming actor and a link to his blog. Yes, this departs from my custom of putting the film poster first with a brief description of the plot, but I really felt moved to put this information first.

Okay, so this movie ended up on my list. I don't know. Lou Peterson's In the Blood. I think he did a really good job trying to make this a true horror flick. Very good! I hope some of the brilliant filmmakers like Lex Bonife consider breaking into the horror flick genre. I think there's a market for these kinds of films. It's nice to have the bad guy be a straight guy and the gay guy not be the first one slashed.

Yes, that's Carlos's hand.

Okay, so what is In the Blood. It's a horror flick about a senior in college exploring his same-sex feelings with Carlos Alberto Valencia's character, who is a down-to-earth escort. I think he actually plays a positive shadow figure to the main character -- as we brown men always seem to be to the young rich white man. Anyhow, I think the first 30 minutes could have been executed differently and I would have worked out some of the family stuff a little more. The trigger for the psychic thing made it a little humorous


  1. congrats on the new picture. it's really nice!! in the year or so that i've known u, this is the first time i saw u change ur avatar. i will however miss the aeta with the laptop. just a little though haha :D

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