01 March 2010

Movie Review: Shank

There is always the gamble on the coming out story.This film poster captures the charge of the entire movie quite well, but is deceptive regarding the whole thing.

This film is not really about coming out of the closet, although its there. The plot:
Though gang member Cal hides his sexuality, he secretly yearns for fellow thug Jonno (expressed in film poster no. 1). But after Cal saves Olivier, the victim of a gay-bashing by the gang, he embarks on a tender romance with the gentle student (expressed in film poster no. 2). Now the gang's manipulative leader, Nessa is out for revenge.

The whole movie can be described as machinations of the collective possession of the power complex and how one finds his individuality by breaking with it, finding love, and the seemingly necessary costs to allow those changes. A rare "coming out" movie that gets my highest approval.


  1. the first poster makes it look like a porn flick. lol

  2. the scene that the photo in poster no. 1 came from you would feel quite deceived -- its the farthest from a porn scene... of course, most people want to see soft porn and perhaps there are few other ways to get people to buy or rent it without this kind of trade practice. lol.

  3. true. i've seen a lot of nice pink movies thinking they were soft core porn. and uh, vice versa. haha

  4. as short as... interesting...

    ill look for a copy of that then saka na ko magcocomment.

  5. now, where do i get a copy of this one? ;)