29 April 2010

Here! Here! She Is a Bigot

You probably are not following the British elections, I know. Anyhow, Prime Minister Gordon Brown had a press op with some random former Labour supporter. She complained about immigration. He was pleasant and then he left -- with a microphone attached to his jacket. In the car, he told his advisors that the meeting was a "disaster" wanted to know who had set the press op up and then said she was a bigot.

Look lady, I watched the tapes. You are a bigot. Don't be so shocked by the truth, lady. You're a bigot. Now, as for Gordon Brown, really lame response. Just say it, the lady was a bigot.

28 April 2010

Iboto Mo Si Jay Sario

Yeah you... now!
Click here.

24 April 2010

Attorney Whitney Harris, 97, Dies

Attorney Whitney Harris is the last American prosecutor at the Nuremburg Trials to die. He was 97 years old. He had a very successful life long career in law and in his retirement engaged in efforts to support international law and the International Criminal Court to the American public saying, "We should not fear to establish the principles of law which will permit civilization to survive."

The U.S., China, Russia and India still is not a signatory to the Rome statute creating the International Criminal Court. However, 111 other countries are.

22 April 2010

Movie Review: Chef's Special

Having been disappointed by Spanish movies lately, I almost didn't pay attention to this movie as it played. However, I liked it. The plot didn't primarily revolve around murder, incest or adolescence. The openly gay chef Maxi is so obsessed about getting a good review in some Restaurant guide that he becomes estranged from his children while his restaurant hots. In the middle of it all, a famous footballer moves in next door. A sweet "chick" flick worth watching a date with your special someone.

18 April 2010

Movie Review: Naked Fame

It has been a decade since I watched professionally made pornography and I don't really recall how I ended up watching this. I think this could have been done in a PBS hour, you know 56 minutes as opposed to however long it took. It's a story of a successful porn star wanting to make it in the non-sex based industry. Now, for everyone who is completely and totally unfamiliar with American cultural life, let me make some broad, general statements that I would be hard pressed to prove in specifics.

Unlike most of everywhere else in the world, Americans are really split about sex. So, if you want to show gory, brutal, senseless violence, there are no problems. But male frontal nudity is generally considered pornographic. If this topic interests you, feel free to watch the great "This Movie Is Not Rated." Half of that documentary is trying to figure out the identities of those who rate the movies. This is obviously the total opposite of the rest of the world where movie stars and prominent members of the community proudly act as chair or member of the Boards of Censors.

So, back to Naked Fame. The main conflict of the main figure is that he wants to get a record contract and he has a nice voice. However, one of the blind spots throughout is how his sense of entitlement blinds him to see that the only reason anyone is even giving him appointments to beg for a record contract is because he's a famous pornography star. When he's not confused about this, he complains about how rough life is because he has to pay bills (and isn't doing porn to do it.)

If you watch professionally made American gay porn or are curious about the life of a gay porn star, I'd watch this. Otherwise, I'd skip it.

11 April 2010

Movie Review: The Rasberry Reich

I don't know how else to describe it. This movie is really, really cleverly presented hard core pornography. There isn't any other way to describe it and, yes, I was surprised.

The movie is about a woman and her straight comrades embarking on the "Homosexual Intifada" the "Homosexual Revolution." One by one, including her boyfriend, she uses heavy classical Marxist slogans with ideas of Herbert Marcuse and William Reich to get them to have sex with each other: "Put Your Marxism Where Your Mouth Is" That's when it occurred to me that the revolutionaries are all gay porn stars.

Now, years later after I have "turned" into a "counterrevolutionary", I find the whole approach hilarious. I'm not sure exactly what the director is trying to comment on -- whether he is making a statement about the "true" incompatibility of heterosexuality with a true revolution; the failure of binary oppositional thinking in classical and neo-Marxist thought; or just wanted to tease the homophobia of many Communist parties by doing gay porn juxtaposted against constant neo-Marxist and new Left sloganing.

In any event, parts of it were boring, but if you used to be a revolutionary or still think you are one, it wouldn't hurt to watch it and make your own judgment. However, if you have little or no exposure to Marxist thought, I'd either skip or watch solely as Euro-porn.

09 April 2010

Ladlad Is a Legitimate Political Party

The Supreme Court ruled today (13-2) that Ang Ladlad, the LGBT sectoral party, is entitled to be on the ballot satisfying every requirement of the party list system.


As you can see, the Court adopted this blog's reasoning in Render Onto Comelec That Which Is Comelec's regarding the non-establishment of religion as one of the first bases to strike down COMELEC's embarrassing ruling denying Ang Ladlad partylist accreditation.

Please vote on May 10 and cast your vote for Ang Ladlad:


06 April 2010

Movie Review: Dark Habits

I liked this Almodovar movie. Here's a brief synopsis:

Yolanda is a seedy nightclub singer. After her boyfriend overdoses, she hides from the police in a convent that saves women from prostitution, poverty, etc.,. However, this convent is not your grandmother's convent. The abbess is a heroin junky who has a crush on Yolanda -- yes, this is the gay connection and why I'm writing about it here. It's the only gay connection.

Another senior nun writes romance novels under a pseudonym. Another nun raises a tiger in the convent courtyard that is constantly on LSD. There's another one that is a fashion designer and has a crush on the local priest. When the widow to the wealthy benefactor decides to cut off funding to the convent, the nuns decide to throw a bash for the abbess's birthday using Yolanda as the star and everyone's interesting talents.

I won't tell you how it ends, but I enjoyed the movie. This is an Almodovar classic worth the watch.

04 April 2010

Movie Review: The Law of Desire

This was, perhaps, Antonio Banderas' fourteenth film where he played a credited role, however, in the opening scene when he masturbates to himself in the mirror for a camera, it didn't occur to me that THAT was Antonio Banderas.

Pedro Almodovar's films sometimes I like some times I don't. I didn't like this one. It was boring and drawn out. This could have been done in 70 minutes but took 105. Of course, this movie came out over 25 years ago. I was deeply conflicted about Mala Educacion and Hable Con Ella, I did like Volver yet felt more could have been done with Todo Sobre Mi Madre.

Banderas as a young gay guy did invoke memories of my high school nurse who had a shrine to him in her office just above her Virgin Mary shrine. So, if you are a big Banderas or Almaldovar fan, you can watch this and add it to the list. Otherwise, this is a skip movie.

02 April 2010

Movie Review: Line of Beauty

Dan Stevens as main character "Nick"

This was not exactly a movie nor was it, as the description claimed, a mini-series. It was like a made for television movie that was broken down into three parts. It is a story of the life of a gay social climber in the 1980s. Naturally, he climbed the tree that had all the Conservative Party members (and ministers) in it -- because the 1980s was the decade of Thatcher in the UK.

The story is an adaptation of Alan Hollinghurst Booker Prize winning novel of the same name. I found the non-gay specific themes to be the most well crafted. The gay part of it wasn't like an appendage to the story. It is integrated well and perhaps if you've never seen two guys get it on, well, then, the gay part of the story may seem more central to your viewing.

I found the first and the last/third part of the three parts to be the most interesting although the second was necessary to get us to the third. The story reminded me of my adolescence in high school and college. For my extroverted disposition, I was never really a big fan of parties and one of the key features of British high life apparently are the parties. When my barkada would have them, I usually would stay out by the cars with the few other similarly minded people preferring the mellow cool breeze and more relaxed atmosphere to the hot bed of intrigue in the party.

The photo above is from the first part where Nick (played by Dan Stevens) is with the "love of my life" Leo Charles (played by Don Gilet). This relationship which represents love and everything worth living for, doesn't last past the first part, but it remains to haunt Nick in various forms for the rest of the film. Many films try to adequately grasp this "lost love" idea and most fail by producing a puerile fixation of a past love. When one cuts off the soul image, there is a loss of soul. This movie comes fairly close to adequately representing what happens when one cuts off the soul image.

01 April 2010

Jaime Escalante, 79, educator, community activist

Bolivian born American educator, Jaime Escalante, 79, passed away after a long battle with cancer. Mr. Escalante and his efforts to battle institutional racism in public schools was portrayed in the 1988 movie, Stand and Deliver.

National Public Radio has the best obituary/tribute (click the audio button) so I don't really have anything to add.