06 April 2010

Movie Review: Dark Habits

I liked this Almodovar movie. Here's a brief synopsis:

Yolanda is a seedy nightclub singer. After her boyfriend overdoses, she hides from the police in a convent that saves women from prostitution, poverty, etc.,. However, this convent is not your grandmother's convent. The abbess is a heroin junky who has a crush on Yolanda -- yes, this is the gay connection and why I'm writing about it here. It's the only gay connection.

Another senior nun writes romance novels under a pseudonym. Another nun raises a tiger in the convent courtyard that is constantly on LSD. There's another one that is a fashion designer and has a crush on the local priest. When the widow to the wealthy benefactor decides to cut off funding to the convent, the nuns decide to throw a bash for the abbess's birthday using Yolanda as the star and everyone's interesting talents.

I won't tell you how it ends, but I enjoyed the movie. This is an Almodovar classic worth the watch.

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