04 April 2010

Movie Review: The Law of Desire

This was, perhaps, Antonio Banderas' fourteenth film where he played a credited role, however, in the opening scene when he masturbates to himself in the mirror for a camera, it didn't occur to me that THAT was Antonio Banderas.

Pedro Almodovar's films sometimes I like some times I don't. I didn't like this one. It was boring and drawn out. This could have been done in 70 minutes but took 105. Of course, this movie came out over 25 years ago. I was deeply conflicted about Mala Educacion and Hable Con Ella, I did like Volver yet felt more could have been done with Todo Sobre Mi Madre.

Banderas as a young gay guy did invoke memories of my high school nurse who had a shrine to him in her office just above her Virgin Mary shrine. So, if you are a big Banderas or Almaldovar fan, you can watch this and add it to the list. Otherwise, this is a skip movie.

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  1. i've only seen a few almodovar films but i like his treatment of stories. i'll look for this at the local pirates. haha