18 April 2010

Movie Review: Naked Fame

It has been a decade since I watched professionally made pornography and I don't really recall how I ended up watching this. I think this could have been done in a PBS hour, you know 56 minutes as opposed to however long it took. It's a story of a successful porn star wanting to make it in the non-sex based industry. Now, for everyone who is completely and totally unfamiliar with American cultural life, let me make some broad, general statements that I would be hard pressed to prove in specifics.

Unlike most of everywhere else in the world, Americans are really split about sex. So, if you want to show gory, brutal, senseless violence, there are no problems. But male frontal nudity is generally considered pornographic. If this topic interests you, feel free to watch the great "This Movie Is Not Rated." Half of that documentary is trying to figure out the identities of those who rate the movies. This is obviously the total opposite of the rest of the world where movie stars and prominent members of the community proudly act as chair or member of the Boards of Censors.

So, back to Naked Fame. The main conflict of the main figure is that he wants to get a record contract and he has a nice voice. However, one of the blind spots throughout is how his sense of entitlement blinds him to see that the only reason anyone is even giving him appointments to beg for a record contract is because he's a famous pornography star. When he's not confused about this, he complains about how rough life is because he has to pay bills (and isn't doing porn to do it.)

If you watch professionally made American gay porn or are curious about the life of a gay porn star, I'd watch this. Otherwise, I'd skip it.

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