09 May 2010

Movie Review: Make the Yuletide Gay

I'm not really not a fan of the coming out genre and, well, the spoof movies like Another Gay Movie just stop being funny at some point. However, this would be one exception. In fact, this is a really great date movie or one you can watch every year around the holiday season.

Gunn is Mr. Gay Pride at his college with his boyfriend and cadre of gay friends. But then he goes back to the Midwest of the US to spend the holidays with his well intentioned parents (one from Wisconsin the other from Minnesota). They have no idea he's gay. So he is not Mr. Gay Pride at home. That is fine until his mom tries to set him up with his ex-girlfriend from high school and then his boyfriend shows up unannounced.

It's very sweet and funny without making anyone a two dimensional caricature like Another Gay Movie and similar movies sometimes turn into. Each character has some depth. It also doesn't go overboard with the physical intimacy aspects of the movie -- where it can become slapstick or just porn.

This gets a two thumbs up.