20 May 2010

Movie Review: Sex, the Annabel Chong Story

Grace Quek, known as Annabel Chong, held a "world record" if you can call it that, having sex with 251 men during the period of 10 hours. This documentary is her story.

I would like to tell you that as a former sex revolutionary, I was curious to know more about Annabel's story. I remember watching her appearance on Jerry Springer during its late night re-broadcast with the boys. I'd like to report at this point that within 20 minutes of the beginning of the documentary, I was nauseous and felt like vomiting. Contrary to what Grace said in the documentary, the "behind the scenes" (no pun intended) of the World's Biggest Gang Bang showed that after 10 men, Grace had the experience of being raped by the next 241 men. Regardless of what she said or screamed during the sex, her face and body betrayed it. She was re-enacting literally, rape.

I had no doubt that this was the case with my own experience and my extensive personal relationships with others that had suffered from sexual abuse as children and teenagers. The movie was largely Grace attempting to characterize the pain she was choosing to inflict on her self as revolutionary, and so forth. It was like Jiang Qing and the Siren Bang 四人帮. Where the Rasberry Reich played with the slogan "The Revolution is My Boyfriend", Grace's revolutionary slogan, as tragic as it could be said, was more like "My Boyfriends Are the Revolution".

Perhaps Molière had it right, "Presque tous les hommes meurent de leurs remèdes, et non pas de leurs maladies." [More men die from their remedies than from their diseases.] (Le Malade Imaginaire (1673), Act III, sc. iii)

I would advise caution in watching this especially if you are a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.


  1. i think i've once stumbled upon a movie clip of her being penetrated by three men all at the same time.... kaloka

    and i guess it takes more than just masculinity and libido to be one of those 251 men....

  2. it seems impossible to "organize" a gang bang of 251 men.

    in any case, inimagine ko pa lang ... nasusuka na ako ... at sumakit ang ulo sa sobrang awa.

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