03 July 2010

Movie Review: Naked Boys Singing!

Well, I watched it. I think the target audience for this kind of thing is really crazy upper middle class Americans and Europeans and that's about it. The rest of us are not so neurotic about the body and sex that after about five minutes of the production, it's boring. The humor is not really that funny. And if you think to hard about, there is a certain level of tragedy that this is one direction that the civilizing impulse takes humans. (That is, that this would be seen as something other than boring.)

I would skip this unless you're really into musicals.


  1. my friend has this in his ipod. i found it a little pointless. the songs weren't good enough to be remembered. the dicks weren't hard enough to turn anyone on. lol

  2. i think there is a problem with comments programming this week. I didn't get this comment in my e-mail and it says Victor has 16 comments and I can only see 4! anyhow, yeah. i think the point of this movie/show is that if there dicks were hard, it would not be permitted on broadway, so its this really lame excuse for shocking, imho.

  3. It seems a little pointless if you ask me. The concept was brave, I'll give 'em that. It's just.. I don't know.

    And as for the Blogger comments thing.. I'm sort of getting annoyed. Some of the comments I made in other blogs got lost. I'm still looking for 6 comments on my blog. I hope they fix it soon.

  4. yes, boring is the best adjective to describe this.

    i find the asian cute though. la lang. :)