29 October 2010

Do Good Today

When the Lord was forty-one, he traveled to the Tushita heaven, the heaven of the Thirty Three. His mother, Mayadeva or Mahamaya, had gathered tremendous merit and had been reborn there. To repay his mother for her kindess, he went to the heaven during the rainy season to give teachings to his mother and the host of gods present. But, there was tremendous concern that he would remain in the Tushita heaven and leave behind the world of men in darkness and decline without giving any teaching that may renew and transform life for us. With the intercession of the lord of the gods and his human followers on earth, the Lord decided, on this day, Lha Bab Duchen, to return to the human realm where he would give teachings that could liberate beings from the waves of birth, sickness, old age and death.

It is believed that all actions taken on this day are multiplied by ten million. A kind act is thus increased and an unkind act is thus increased. Do good today.


  1. :) it's like paying it forward... yaiy

  2. its like getting the benefits of robbing a bank, without any of the risks or drawbacks. all one needs to do is do good today. =P

  3. do something good today… and be a blessing.