22 November 2010

Movie Review: The Sensei

It never occurred to me watching this movie that it had any Filipino connection. You see, I didn't pay attention when D. Lee Inosanto flashed over the screen. Of course, that mistake ended when the grandmother in one scene started shouting Tama Na! Tama Na! to two brothers fighting. It took me a few minutes after and then I replayed the scene. Yep. Tama Na! is what she is shouting. It's funny because I thought earlier, this woman doesn't seem to have a Japanese or even fake Japanese accent. I guess they didn't have the budget. It is only later that Lee Inosanto tells a Pure Land Buddhist minister that she was raised in a Japanese and Filipino mixed household.

That being said, this is a great movie about the dangers of narrow-mindedness and the power of love. The lesson that every warrior must learn is not that "you have a right to defend yourself against hatred" but that it is being in contact with the power of love (including self-love) which is the ultimate protection. A few scenes are a little slow but worth the watch.

happy birthday victor =P


  1. want to watch this movie' if you recommend.


  2. tama na! tama na! ahahahaha

    wit ko bet ang linyang yan... mas bet ko ang

    sige pa! sige pa!