20 January 2011

Movie Review: Different for Girls

I have no idea how I missed this movie so long ago. I mean I avoided lesbian movies, I know boo for me, but I really never even heard of this movie at all. At all. And then it appeared. We have two boys (Paul Prentice and Karl Foyle) in prep school that have some intense connection which the other boys read as: gay. They part ways after school only to run into one another later in life but this time, Paul runs into Kim Foyle. Paul has a beautiful girlfriend but the magnetism of high school reappears and now through the complexity that homosexuality is no longer a threat for Paul.

(Rubert Graves as Paul Prentice)

If you have some extra time, you might enjoy it. If you enjoy the tribulations of the transgender life theme, this is the movie. It does go a little slow in places, but nothing to complain about in the writing.

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