23 January 2011

Movie Review: Watercolors

I decided to watch this originally because Greg Louganis, my childhood Samoan diver-crush, was cast in it. Surprisingly, though, by the time I watched it I had forgotten that I wanted to watch it because of Greg. Greg plays a kontrabida and does it so well, I didn't recognize him.

Okay, well, since 80% of gay movies are coming out stories, to be a good gay movie, you really have to have something that wows me. And something about this movie did wow me:

Yes, well. Kyle Clare who plays "Carter" in the movie did an excellent job of playing a conflicted young man where confusion or complexity over sexuality plays only one of multifaceted general confusion of adolescence -- and weaves it so well, you don't realize he isn't a 17 year old, James Dean like, rebel with a father complex.
Sorry, I know I'm pandering. But was it a dream or was it real? You'll have to watch and see. If you ever had a crush on a sexually ambiguous guy or well, flirted with the gay tripper variety, you likely will identify with the main character Danny. If you were yourself confused or conflicted about your sexuality (not conflicted about being gay but being conflicted about the possibility of being gay or having same-sex attraction), then you won't identify with Danny. Danny's character also did well to play his part but this movie is really targeted and directed at Carter.

I think there are parts of me that had very similar experiences with Danny, much more so than with Carter, yet I wonder how life would have been had I had an adolescence like Danny. I wonder.


  1. I thought the guy in the second picture was a woman. I panicked at the boobie exposure!

    ahh yes, the ambiguous straight guy. elusive as the unicorn. as pretty too. :)

    check, LOF. where can i see this?

  2. i thought you were like the king of the pirates. lol. i guess i'll email the Bonsai Hermit and see, she always seems to know where.